PascoSTAR Student Reporting System


PascoSTAR has been replaced with a new system... myEWS, which will be available to staff the first day of teacher planning week

Many of the features such as Student Interactions Log will still be available in the new system

There will be a new myEWS icon on your myPascoConnect dashboard which will connect you to the application when it becomes available

Analyze, Evaluate, and Communicate

PascoSTAR provides a variety of planning, data collection, interpretation, analysis, reporting, and presentation services to schools and departments within Pasco County School District.

Its primary function is to make available to schools and departments meaningful information about student and school performance through various reporting tools.

This site contains sensitive student information and access is restricted to authorized district personnel only.

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Our Vision

To create a community which works together so all Pasco County students will reach their highest potential.

Latest Updates

  • Lowest 25% for FSA reports
  • School Data - EWS Scorecard
  • Student Detentions (Interactions)
  • PascoSTAR 2016 SY now live
  • SB850 updated for EOY 2015
  • Student On-Track Lanyards
  • Student Interactions page
  • Student Referrals - Admin Only